Contract of Responsibility
We do not assume liability for damage, the consequential damages, losses or disadvantages, those can be a result to the user though his/her registration, from the forwarding of his/her data to the third persons and from receipt of strange data.
If you publish the ads or banner on our web page, then the following conditions as per contract come into force:o 2.1.You insure that the indicated photos and data in your ads and in banners correspond to the truth and describe you personally. You are responsible for the correctness of your data by yourself.o 2.2You place your ads within the range, which corresponds to its contents.o 2.3.We reserve ourselves the right to make changes in the text of your profile without changing fundamental contents of your text if necessarily.
We do not assume liability for damage, consequential damages, losses and disadvantages, which result to a user from the wrong data of another user.
We reserve ourselves the right to make changes in the data acquisition, data evaluation and data retransmission.
We reserve ourselves the right to exclude users from our service if during the registration or use of the service if in the opinion by our team immoral, obscene or quite-radical contents are spread.
The user commits to keep us out from any kind of complaints, damage, losses or demands.
The adhesion is limited in each case to the height of the paid fees.
If single components of the contract should be ineffective, then this concerns not the effectiveness of the remaining components.
As far as differently one did not agree upon, German right is applicable also to treaty negotiations with foreign users.
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